Nabano No Sato Winter Illumination, One of Japans Best

Nabano No Sato – A Winter Wonderland of LEDs

If you visit Japan during the winter, there are plenty of winter illuminations around the country to see. Nabano No Sato near Nagoya is one of the best. Knowing this while staying in Kyoto, we decided to use our JR Pass to visit the Nagoya area and see the Nabano No Sato winter illumination. The Nabano No Sato flower park doesn’t hold back when putting on one of best light displays in Japan, using over 8 million LEDs to create a winter wonderland. Immediately as you begin your tour of the park, the light displays will mesmerize you. When walking through the world famous light tunnel you will feel like you are in a fairytale. While it is an amazing place to visit, it is not well known to foreign tourists.

Entrance sign
Nabano No Sato 2105 winter illumination

Beginning the tour
Blue children

enchanting lights
Enchanting lights

light trails
Light trails

blurry vision
Blurry Vision

blurry vision
Even Blurrier Vision

Light trees
Illuminated trees add to the beauty of the park

Nabano No Sato – World Famous Light Tunnel

The light tunnel is what drew us to this park’s winter illumination display. We had seen it in an advertisement when we were buying our JR Pass in Thailand. Once we found out it was at this park, we had to come see it. By far this was the main attraction at the park and for good reason, it is simply amazing to walk through. Taking advantage of the 1.2 million LEDs used to light the 100 meter tunnel, we had some fun with our cameras.

Light tunnel
Light Tunnel, the starring attraction

Light tunnel
Selfies, the most popular thing to do in the tunnel

Light tunnel
Swallowed by light

Light tunnel
Going to the light

streaking Light tunnel
Streaking in the tunnel

Nabano No Sato – Different theme every year

This year’s theme is Alpine while last years happened to be Niagra. Every year the theme changes so you can always have a different experience. It was amazing to see a giant LED version of the Alps. To our surprise, there was another tunnel after we left the main display. This one was blue and even more fairytale like.

streaking Light tunnel
Alpine display, the winter illuminations main display

streaking Light tunnel
Alpine display, the winter illuminations main display

streaking Light tunnel
Blue tunnel, felt like we were walking to another world

streaking Light tunnel
Blue streaks

Nabano No Sato winter illumination – Getting there

The best part about the park is you get a coupon for 1000 Yen to spend in the park. We took the JR to Nagashima station but you can also take the Kintetsu line. From the JR station, we crossed the train tracks and walked over to the Kintetstu line station where we took the bus to the park.

Time: 9:00 to 21:00 (until 22:00 on weekends and holidays)
Admission: 2100 yen
Access: 30 minutes by bus and train from central Nagoya