What’s On Your Bucket List?

What inspires you to want to actually live life rather than just coasting along? Create your very own bucket list and check mine out here.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites


  1. Africa: Victoria Falls (Swim in Devil’s Pool, at the top of the waterfall)
  2. Africa: Great Migration of the Serengeti
  3. Antarctica: Polar Ice Caps
  4. Argentina/Brazil: Iguazu Falls
  5. Australia: Great Barrier Reef
  6. Australia: Sydney Harbor
  7. Australia: Uluru
  8. Bhutan
  9. Cambodia: Angkor Wat
  10. Chile: Easter Island
  11. China: Great Wall of China
  12. China: Li River
  13. Ecuador: Amazon Rainforest
  14. Ecuador: Galapagos Islands
  15. Egypt: Great Pyramids of Giza
  16. France, Eiffel Tower
  17. Iceland or Alaska: Aurora (Northern Lights)
  18. India: Taj Mahal
  19. Indonesia: Komodo Dragons
  20. Iran: Tehran
  21. Italy, The Colosseum of Rome
  22. Italy, Leaning Tower of Pisa
  23. Italy, Vatican City
  24. Italy, Venice and its Lagoon
  25. Italy, Florence
  26. Italy, Historic Centre of San Gimignano
  27. Jordan: Petra
  28. Japan: Shibuya Crossing
  29. Japan, Mt Fuji
  30. Japan, Koyasan
  31. Mexico: Chichen Itza
  32. Mexico: Mayan Ruins
  33. Nepal: Mount Everest
  34. Peru: Machu Picchu
  35. Turkey: The Blue Mosque
  36. UK, Stonehenge, UK
  37. USA: The White House
  38. USA: Grand Canyon
  39. USA: Golden Gate Bridge
  40. USA: Yosemite
  41. Vietnam: Halong Bay

United States National Parks

Josh had introduced me to the Passport to Your National Parks program where you can document your visit by placing your very own cancellation stamp in your passport. It’s a great way to commemorate your travel and sometimes they even have special stamps celebrating the specific parks anniversary or another special occasion. I purchased the special, 25th Anniversary edition in 2011, when I first met Josh and learned about the program and have since collected a number of stamps and look forward to collecting more.


  1. Yosemite National Park (California)
  2. Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona)
  3. Redwood National and State Parks (California)
  4. Pinnacles National Monument (California)
  5. Death Valley National Park (California)
  6. Joshua Tree National Park (California)
  7. Manzanar National Historic Site (California)
  8. Muir Woods National Monument (California)
  9. Point Reyes National Seashore (California)
  10. Presidio of San Francisco (California)
  11. San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park (California)
  12. Cabrillo National Monument (California)
  13. Crater Lake National Park (Oregon)
  14. Ellis Island National Monument (New York)
  15. Statue of Liberty (New York)
  16. Lincoln Memorial (Washington DC)
  17. Old Post Office Tower (Washington DC)
  18. MLK Memorial (Washington DC)
  19. National Mall (Washington DC)
  20. Korean War Veterans Memorial  (Washington DC)
  21. Arlington National Cemetery (NJ)


  1. Get Married
  2. Buy a house
  3. Visit every continent
  4. Scuba Diving
  5. Hang Gliding
  6. ATV
  7. Publish a book
  8. See wild Orangutans, Indonesia
  9. Skydiving
  10. Snowboard
  11. Sleigh Ride
  12. Swim in an underground cave in Mexico
  13. Zipline
  14. Horseback Riding
  15. Snorkeling
  16. Rappelling
  17. Flying a Plane
  18. Rafting
  19. Kayaking